The SMARTER Solution to Screen Time

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We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic.  We understand that many families have been directly affected by the drastic changes to everyday life, work and school. 

We hope the information in these newsletters have brought you some peace of mind and helped you get through this pandemic together.

Since many children have switched to a hybrid school schedule (online and in-class learning) or maybe only online learning… children have been using computers, tablets, and/or other devices much more often. 

It is important to pay attention to how long your child is using these devices, or in other words… it is important to monitor their Screen Time!

Our highly qualified physician, Dr. Linda Lukose, has created the acronym

“S.M.A.R.T.E.R.” for parents to use & follow when monitoring their child’s screen time.  

The SMARTER Solution to Screen

Time with Dr. Linda Lukose

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Be sure to schedule “play time” and “screen time” in your child’s routine.

Be conscious of how much time they’re spending on their homework/classwork & the amount of time that they’ve spent on the computer. Try to schedule breaks in between screen usage!

Movement is important!  So make sure your child moves away from their screens regularly!

Children may get up to go take a drink of water every 30 minutes to 1 hour to be sure they keep their body moving throughout the day!  “Look away and do some stretches!”

You can use reminders on your phone to help you schedule breaks, and you can set an alert for when your child has had too much screen time! BUT…

Alerts can also be distracting, so be sure to put phones out of reach and not to immediately look at it when it’s time for breaks.

To minimize screen usage, you can print out worksheets & homework as often as possible so that they are able to read hard copies instead of using their screens.

Read is also used to mean read a book instead of playing on devices and video games, etc.

Turn off those televisions and gaming systems.  It is not healthy to go from one screen to another all day long.

Encourage kids to gravitate towards screen-free interests like music, playing instruments, doing outdoor activities like taking walks and playing with pets!

Eat 3 healthy meals regularly per day!

Consider making kitchens and/or dining rooms “Screen-Free Zones!”  Parents can model this behavior by putting their phones away as well.  Kids will follow the good examples made by their parent(s).

Cooking with your child is also great screen-free time and fun family activity as well!

Just like how our phones and devices need recharging… human bodies need time to recharge as well! 

By placing your child’s device away from where they are sleeping, it will help reduce distractions in their sleep schedules.  This may also include turning off alerts and notifications for the night.

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