Good Samaritan Hospital

Emergency room evaluations for most pediatric medical problems are handled by the in house emergency room pediatrician. However, RBK also has staff members at Good Samaritan Medical Center located at 1000 Montauk Highway, West Islip, 631-376-3000.

Good Samaritan Hospital also provides pediatric specialty clinics staffed by highly qualified and experienced specialists. These physicians are trained and work closely with RBK Pediatrics doctors.

Good Samaritan Hospital also has a pediatric intensive care unit. Critical care patients are handled by the in house intensive care specialist. For more complex problems requiring a tertiary setting, the pediatricians will refer or transfer the patient to one of the excellent local Children’s hospitals such as Schneider’s Children’s Hospital, Stony brook University Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital. The choice of a facility is based on your child’s needs, parental input and availability of the appropriate services.


Emergency Hospital Admission

If a child is seen in our office and is determined to be extremely ill and needs hospitalization, we abide to the following protocol:

  • The doctor will contact the attending pediatrician in the emergency room and give a medical report about the status of the patient and our preliminary diagnosis.
  • Transportation is provided by EMS for the patient requiring support services during transport.
  • Upon arrival at Good Samaritan Hospital, the ER doctor will take over care. They will stabilize the condition, perform all laboratory analysis, radiological procedures required and begin to administer medical treatment.

Throughout the child’s hospital stay, we will keep in constant contact with their doctors. If they are transferred to the pediatric ward, their care will be turned over again to a RBK Pediatrics doctor. Even though our doctors are not physically on the ward all day, we are responsible for your child’s medical care.