Cuts and bumps can ruin your day.

Every summer we see it over and over again minor trauma. Children are more active, and play is becoming more dangerous. With the advent of scooters, bikes and organized sports, it is no wonder that kids are always being bruised and banged up on Long Island. All of our doctors are trained in minor trauma repair and stabilization of more significant injuries.

Here is a list of common accidents that we deal with:

  • Laceration repair: using traditional sutures and the modern ouchless Derma bond (surgical glue). Derma bond only works on simple, straight, small lacerations, usually used on the face.
  • Minor Casting: of closed fractures, hands, wrist digits, ankles.
  • Nursemaid elbow reduction.
  • Wart Removal: Cryotherapy (freezing method) and shaving of common viral and plantar warts.
  • Foreign Body Removal: (splinters in the skin, nose, ears)
  • Ear wax removal: with state of the art Welch Allyn Ear Wash system.
  • Ear Piercing: only for girls and only in the ears.
  • Burn care

We hope that by performing these minor surgical procedures in the office we can limit the emergency room cost and not expose your child to the chaotic and sometimes cruel emergency room of the local hospital.


All emergencies are taken immediately and take priority over everything else. If your child is injured, please let our staff know immediately when you arrive. They will then escort you to our trauma room and begin to clean out your wounds. A doctor will shortly examine your child and determine what needs to be done. We will take care of you as quick as possible, but please be very patient.