Here we will give a historical timeline of our practice and what happened at certain key years.

Independent Pediatric Practice, Physician-Owned.
Primary Care when you want it, Urgent Care when you need it.
Services provided by Physicians!

And we’ve been doing it for over 50 years…

  • 1958: Irwin Reichman starts the practice out of his home office in Commack. He retired in 1996.

  • 1968: Robert Brown, M.D. joins the practice. He retired in 1995.

  • 1970: A Michael Kaplan, M.D. joins the practice and is still practicing up until 2018 when he retires to Florida after 40 years.!!.

  • 1971: The Commack office is built at 500 Commack Road, Entrance E, Suite 150 F, Commack.

  • 1987: Neil Bellovin, M.D., C.P.E., joins the practice after working for the Air Force for a number of years.

  • 1995: Maria Milazzo, R.N., M.S., P.N.P-C., our first Nurse practitioner, joins the team.

  • 1996:

    • George Rogu, M.D., C.P.E., joins the practice after completing residency at Montefiore Medical Center.
    • Practice goes live with their Electronic Practice Management System,
  • 1997: James Reilly, M.D., joins the practice after completing residency at Montefiore Medical Center.

  • 2000: George Rogu, M.D. Develops the International Adoption Medical Education Program, via

  • 2003: Reichman, Brown and Kaplan M.D., P.C. merge with Barlizo Pediatrics, and Yekaterina Ryzova, M.D. joins the practice.

  • 2004: Debbie Hickey, C.N.P. joins team, after many years of clinical experience at Stony Brook University. Transitioned to a Academic position in 2017.

  • 2005: Nicholas Rogu, M.D. “AKA Little Brother of George Rogu” joins the team after completing Residency at Goryeb Children’s Hospital.

  • 2006: Dr.Jaslin Matthew Joins the practice after finishing Residency at Maimonides Medical Center, moved to a position closer to home in 2016.

  • 2007:

    • Dr. Nina Simon joins the practice after training at Westchester Medical Center and working in private pediatric practices in Rockland and Nassau counties.
    • We began the ADHD evaluation and Management Program at RBK Pediatrics.
  • 2008: The practice goes live with an Electronic Healthcare record, we are one of the early adopters on Long Island. Their technology is was called

  • 2010: We started the Pediatric Chronic Care program dealing with ADHD, Pediatric Obesity, and Chronic Asthma Care. This run by Karen Kessler NP. Retired in 2017.

  • 2011:

    • The practice is reborn and re-imaged as RBK Pediatrics
      The physician dedicate themselves to being the new model of the 21st Century Pediatric Practice.We provide Primary Care when you want it, Urgent Care when you need. We continue to be one of the last truly Independent Private Practices on Long Island.
    • RBK Pediatrics Becomes Certified as a NCQA Level 3 Medical Home.
  • 2012:

    • Gina Cartwright, C.P.N.P. joins the team after working for a primary practice in Patchogue for 8 years as well as for St. Charles Hospital as a Pediatric Hospitalist.
    • We move to the Saxon Ave office , and we also become a Certified Pediatric Urgent Care Center.
  • 2013: Maritza Martinez, M.D. the team as one of our Primary Urgent Care Doctors. Moved Upstate in 2017.

  • 2014:

    • RBK Pediatrics is Recertified as a Level three Medical Home.
    • Nubia Vargas Chen, M.D. joins the Team as the second Urgent Care Doctor as well as Primary Care. Moved to an academic position in 2017.
  • 2015:

    • Roxana Baba, M.D., joins us after becoming Board Certified both in the United States after completing residency at New York Methodist Hospital – New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and in Europe. She is the most worldly Board Certified physician that we have. Moved to New York City in 2018.
    • Doctors become affiliated with Hofstra University Medical with a Mentoring relationship with second year medical students.
  • 2016:

    • March 2016: Hafiz Rehman, M.D. Pediatrics merges with us and becomes a vital member to the team. RBK now has a third location also located in Bayshore.
    • Nicole Germano, M.D. joins the Team, after Residency at Nassau University Medical Center. Moves to Nassau Country 2018
    • Fall 2016: Jennifer Gallub, M.D. joins the team. Returns to Long Island after working in South Carolina for 10 years.
    • Fall 2016: The practice undergoes a major update, upgrading our Office Practice Management system and Electronic Medical Record to Office Practicum and Patient Portal.
    • Winter 2016: Our New Website goes Live.
  • February 2017: Our RBK Command Center goes live. The main idea was to centralize all administrative and call duties, and to alleviate the parking stress in the Commack office.

    Diane Yildrim, M.D. moved out of state after having a bay and Debra Stein, M.D. joined the team. Leaves for other endeavors in 2020.

  • 2018: New Doctors, PA & NP’s joined the team and the New RBK is born.

  • 2019:

    • Virtual Telemedicine Program Launched
    • Lead practice in the Pediatric only Clinically Integrated Network
  • 2020:

    • RBK Pediatrics Pivots and manages to be one of the only practices open during th COVID 19 Pandemic.
    • Telemedicine Platform integrated into a daily routine
    • Hybrid Medical visits envisioned
    • Antibody Testing drive by clinics established
    • Rapid Covid 19 testing in the office started.
    • During the middle of the COVID Crisis, Dr. Kaitlin Raspen D.O. and  Dr. Michelle Herrera M.D. join the RBK Team.